Potent Seaweed Prebiotics and Bioactive Compounds Control Salmonella


No matter the species, control of Salmonella is crucial for the health and production of livestock. Salmonella causes a wide range of problems across livestock such as , enteric problems, immunosuppression, organ damage, poor feed conversion, reduced fertility, and poor fetal health. Taking these factors into consideration, the presence of Salmonella in feedstuff can prove to cause a significant expense for the producer, and corrective action must be taken.


WallPack is a potent Anti-Salmonella formulated using the cell walls seaweeds, providing the unique synergistic affect of indigestible carbohydrates and bioactive compounds which binds and kills Salmonella in the small intestines of the animal. The functional carbohydrates of Wallpack can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Seaweed prebiotics originated from the cell wall of selected strains of seaweed.
  • Seaweed Bioactive compounds: which have been found to kill pathogenic bacteria specially Salmonella.

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