• Retains Water Levels
  • Increases Blood Plasma
  • Superior Muscle Pumps
  • Increases the vascular movement of water to get a more pronounced muscle “pump”

Equipump Osmolyte, which can be ingested in comparatively large amounts, accumulates in body fluids, except for those of the brain and eyes, increasing osmotic pressure and the total volume of water in the body.

Equipump Osmolyte could be used as an energy substrate in nutrition, and could significantly contribute to the energy yield during exercise, Considering its energy substrate function, Equipump could efficiently improve training performance.

Equipump’s osmoprotective solute quality can be used to improve physical endurance. The reduction in serum blood osmolality and the effects on ionic gradients caused by Equipump Osmolyte ingestion delay fatigue; therefore, endurance and performance are improved.

The combined ingestion of Equipump Osmolyte and Equipump liquid seaweed increases body water volume, thus maintaining hydration by reducing the kidney’s’ water elimination rate.

Equipump Osmolyte has an increasing effect on aerobic and anaerobic muscle performance and has an effective hyperhydrating agent

Equipump Osmolyte and liquid seaweed, play a very important role in thermoregulation, resistance to high temperatures, endurance in physical activities and muscle recovery

Due to advanced rehydrating that accompanies the use of Equipump Osmolyte is the muscle pumps. When fluid is retained and pushed into the cells, it causes a “volumizing” effect on the cell. This cellular hyperhydration causes the muscle to swell, improving the overall nourishing, performance, look and appearance of your horse muscle.

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