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ADDiCAN is a manufacturer and supplier of premium nutritional products for animals. Our products are helping animals in the Big Farm market and on backyard Hobby Farms reach their peak in 20+ countries around the globe.

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Increase performance, growth, stamina, strength and overall health with ADDiCAN, your source for quality nutritional products for animals.

Green Technology
for the Future

ADDiCAN provides solutions not just for the farms of today, but for the farms of tomorrow. That future is a sustainable one, a green one, and that’s why ADDiCAN is built upon a “Less Emission, More Sustainability” concept. ADDiCAN is working in collaboration with the government of Canada to provide nutrition solutions that reduce methane emission while maximizing performance.


“Our TCI has increased significantly here (at Tiny Acres Holsteins) and the reasoning for that is with ADDiCAN’s help we’ve learned how to properly feed our breeding age heifers to prepare them to get pregnant.”

- Logan Bryanton, Tiny Acres Holsteins


“Over the last year I’ve seen a gradual increase in production, both in liters and kilograms of butter fat per cow. I really feel like, with the (ADDiCAN) nutrition that’s going into the cows, that 1.8 - 1.9 (kg of butter fat per cow) is achievable year round”

- Mike Carruthers, Carruthers Farm


“Before we used the ADDiCAN products, we were an average herd for TCI. Now that we’ve switched to their dry cow rations for our far offs and our close ups, we are consistently achieving 1000 TCI on a monthly average, so it’s been a drastic improvement.”

- Josh Dillman, The Port Hill Milking Co.


“It’s good to do business with a local company on the island… The quality of feed has been good to get our gram weight up to our expectations or our target weight.”

- Ian Simmons, Kool Breeze Farms

Nutritional solutions to feed, naturally, through manufacturing technology backed up by sound science.

Manufactured in Canada and USA. Since 2014

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quality products manufactured in Canada and the USA.


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Our in-depth knowledge of the animal nutrition industry we serve ensures practical solutions that can be implemented seamlessly. Our business is to improve animal health and performance by adding innovative nutritional solutions to feed, naturally, through our unique manufacturing technology backed up by sound science.

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