Broilers Breast Muscle Mypathies:

Wooden Breast Disease (WBD) and Deep Pectoral Myopathy impact the poultry industry negatively due to severe reduction in meat quality traits. Wooden Breast and Green Muscle Diseases are myopathies in breast muscles of commercial fast‐growing broiler chickens characterized by myodegeneration of the muscle which lead to macroscopic defects in breast muscle. Along with the altered appearance, breast muscles affected by the myopathies display poor technological properties, impaired texture properties, and reduced nutritional value.

ADDiCAN-MyoTender field trial:

The objective of this trial was to compare broiler chickens fed on basal corn-soy diets with broiler chickens fed on basal diets fortified by MyoTender for the sensory characteristics of breast muscle.


a, b – Means for traits in the rows differ significantly (P < 0.05)
* – Sensory assessment was based on a 5-point scale, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent

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