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Sugapro - Instant Energy

SugaPro has been shown to be a high-energy source use for many feed applications. ADDiCAN provides SugaPro with different packaging options that are convenient for your operations.

There has been a growing interest in feeding sugars to animals in the last few years as a source of dietary energy due to the high cost of fat.

SugaPro is an energy-rich material that is valuable as a feed ingredient for poultry. SugaPro for animal feed has high energy content that is highly digestible, offering instant energy for animal feed. In addition, SugaPro adds aroma and palatability. Unlike oils, SugaPro does not contribute to the cholesterol content of poultry meat of eggs.

  • Instant energy ingredient.
  • Helping to obtain optimal pellet quality.
  • Promoting Maillard reactions.
  • Reducing water activity.